About me


Name: Lotte
Age: 25
What I call ‘home’: a tiny tiny village in the Netherlands

Education: MSc in Behavioural Change
Job: host/gamemaster at an escape room
Volunteer: youth ambassador for ONE
Real job: haha good one thanks for asking

Things I like: travelling, movies/series, (video) games, the internet, writing, psychology, behaviour, culture, philosophy
Things I don’t like: too much, including things starting with the words ‘too much…’

Want to know more about me? Read the blog!

About Whole lotta Lotte

This blog is the place I write about whatever I want to write about for whoever wants to read it. My intention is not to entertain or to get a lot of views, or even to write/showcase ~the best things I’ve ever written~ as some kind of portfolio, but to express my thoughts and ideas whenever I feel like doing so.

I chose this title because nobody ever made that pun before.
Nobody has ever ordered a ‘caffè Lotte’ before either.
And no, I didn’t win the lottery. I wish.