My thoughts and ideas about news, current issues and the way the world works altogether. Expect to learn a lot about my personal viewpoints and philosophies.


Advice, stories and other travel-related posts. Some but not all posts will be about my 9.5-month trip around the world in 2015-2016.


Personal posts about my daily life, things that happened in my past and plans for the future. This is where you should go to know what I’m up to.


Non-academic reviews of all kinds of subjects surrounding psychology. Disclaimer: I repeat: non-academic. Although I do have a scientific background in this stuff, everything I write about here should be taken with a grain of salt, since I don’t actually reference literature for these posts.


Sometimes I write about writing. All things related to this blog go here, among some personal stories about my own experiences with writing.


A new category I created for a post that didn’t fit into one of the other ones. This one may get a different name soon, who knows.